Requirements Management

Managing Relationships Between Requirements

Requirements management is an important element of the software development process. One of its elements is building and managing relationships between requirements. The most common is the approach used or even promoted by Sparx Systems. Enterprise Architect in its documentation proposes that the requirements be combined with each other using aggregation or composition. This is …

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Requirements Documentation

Requirements specification is a systematic representation of a set of requirements for a system or component that meets specific criteria. Requirements are like contract. All information collected and agreed during the requirements engineering activities must be documented. Each type of requirement affects, directly or indirectly, all phases of software life cycle. The quality of the …

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System Requirements – the Context and Boundary of the System

The main tasks of requirements engineering is acquisition and documentation of system requirements. To do this, identify those parts of the real world that will affect system requirements. The part of the reality that affects the definition of system requirements is called the system context. Incorrect or incomplete definition of the system context during requirements …

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